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Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend 5th International Conference on Quantum Physics and Nuclear Technology(QPNT2019) Rome, Italy.

Day 1 :

Keynote Forum

Mahmoud Abdel-Aty

Sohag University, Egypt

Keynote: New prospectives on controlling steady-state entanglement

Time : 09:30 10:10

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Abdel-Aty is a Vice-President of African Academy of Sciences and president of National Committee for International Mathematical Union, Director of the Center for International Relations, Sohag University, and Executive President Consultant for Academic Affairs, Zewail City of Science and Technology.  He completed his doctorate in quantum optics at Max-Plank Institute of Quantum Optics, Munich, Germany in 1999. He received the D.Sc. (Doctor of Science in Mathematics and Physics), in 2007. His main interests are theories of quantum measurement, nanomechanical modeling, highly non-classical light, practical information security, and optical implementations of quantum information tasks. He has been published more than 240 papers in international refereed journals, 9 book chapters and 2 books. He is an editor for more than 20 International journals. His research has been widely recognized and he has received several local and international awards. He obtained the Amin Lotfy Award in Mathematics in 2003, the Mathematics State Award for Encouragement in 2003, the Shoman Award for Arab Physicists in 2005, the Third World Academy of Sciences Award in Physics in 2005, Fayza Al-Khorafy award in 2006, the State Award for Excellence in Basic Science in 2009 etc. In 2014 he has been elected as a vice-president of the African Academy of Science and in 2016 he has been elected as a member of governor council, GC, of Egyptian Mathematical Society and managing editor of its journal. In 2018 he has been awarded as Mohammed Bin Rashed Prize for Arabic Language, in category “Best Initiative for Arabic Language Policy and Strategy”.



We analyze the dynamics of entanglement and quantum discord in a two-qubit system coupled to squeezed reservoirs. We present analytical expressions that can be used to efficiently calculate the evolution of quantum discord and entanglement between the two qubits. Our results show that quantum discord is a more general and robust measure of quantum correlations than entanglement. Furthermore, there is a relationship between the time before sudden death of entanglement and the reservoir squeezing angle. Additionally, the increase of squeezing angle accelerates the decay of quantum discord. These results provide new avenues for controlling quantum correlations and designing quantum states that can be used for various quantum computing applications.


Keynote Forum

Salah Arafa

University in Cairo, Egypt

Keynote: New factor of duality measurement

Time : 10:10-10:50

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Salah Arafa is a Professor in School of Sciences and Engineering in Americal University of Cairo, Egypt.



We are constantly exposed to radiations from a variety of naturally occurring and human-produced sources. These radiations can affect atoms in solids as well as cells in living organisms. The paper discusses how radiation can ionize atoms, molecules or break chemical bonds, which damages the molecules and causes malfunctions in cell processes. Radiation can also create reactive hydroxyl radicals that damage biological molecules and disrupt physiological processes. It can cause somatic or genetic damage, and is most harmful to rapidly reproducing cells. Types of radiation differ in their ability to penetrate material and damage tissue, with alpha particles the least penetrating but potentially most damaging and gamma rays the most penetrating.The paper shows that there exists various devices and dosimeters which are used to detect and measure radiation, and monitor radiation exposure which can cause a wide range of health effects, from minor to severe, and including death. All radioactive particles and waves, from the entire electromagnetic spectrum, to alpha, beta, and gamma particles, possess the ability to eject electrons from atoms and molecules to create ions, chemical reactions and damage. We can minimize the effects of radiation by shielding with dense materials such as lead, moving away from the source, and limiting time of exposure.


Break: Networking and Refreshments Break along with Group Photo 10:50-11:10 @ Foyer

Keynote Forum

Ben Campbell

Distinguished Researcher, UK

Keynote: The Last tango of the Finite Graviton

Time : 11:10-11.50

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Biezanek has the same qualifications for his work as Albert Einstein had in 1905, in a word, none at all. Except perhaps that Biezanek obtained a first class honours degree in electrical and electronic engineering in 1973 while Einstein had nothing but an almost failed high school science teachers certificate. This kind of work has nothing to do with such formal qualifications. As Einstein reported and Biezanek also confirms, one must start out by unlearning everything.



The author started work upon this subject in 2007, 12-years ago. He recognised at the start that the mainstream of physics teaching was failing to connect up the dots between classical views of physics after Newton as modified by Einstein’s special and general relativity with the more rigorous science of quantum physics, So he tried the different approach of going back to first principles in everything and seeking the error. The error was found in Albert Einstein’s retention of classical units within his equations for relativity. For example; Einstein retains the metre to express a “speed-of-light” in metres per second, while it turns out from diligent observational work by Clauser and Freedman (USA 1972) and Alain Aspect (France, ongoing) demonstrating instant action at a distance with entangled quanta, that the metre is an inadmissible unit that has no proper applicability within a correct appreciation of relativity. The equations that Einstein gave us were correct within the terms that he stated them, but classical measurement units are insufficiently rigorous for fully connecting the real world of the quanta with the illusions seen and experienced within our macro world of classical physics. In the author’s opinion, this is the most dramatic and far reaching insight ever achieved within our progress towards a better fundamental understanding of the real physical nature of our universe. This discovery makes it much easier for students to understand atomic physics.


Keynote Forum

Gianluca Orecchini

Pedersen & Partners, Italy

Keynote: From Physics to C-level positions

Time : 11:50-12:30

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Gianluca Orecchini is a Client Partner and the Global Head of Engineering practice at Pedersen & Partners, based in Milan, Italy. Mr. Orecchini brings more than 20 years of international experience in Consulting, Business Development and Recruiting having managed and completed cross-border assignments across Energy, Aerospace and High-Tech Industry. He also actively supporting start-ups in Italy.Mr. Orecchini holds a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from La Sapienza University of Rome in Italy.



Most of Fortune 500 CEOs come from Computer Science studies. Then Economics, Business, Finance. Is Physics a field of study empowering managers to C-level positions? Do Physicians career paths effectively bring up to top management responsibilities? Data and considerations.